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Design Ideas for Luxury Condos

If there’s one thing that Florida has plenty of in the larger cities, it’s luxury condos. Fort Lauderdale is no exception, and you can find some gorgeous condo buildings and suites for sale along the coast with views of the ocean. Here are some quick tips to help you design your condo’s interior.


Marble surfaces for countertops are in vogue right now, and you can pick the color to suit the rest of your kitchen and suite. You can even use the same color and style of marble for other surfaces in your home, such as in the bathrooms. I advise using a nice dark black marble, and combining them with black cabinets too. They really work, well especially in suites that have lots of natural light. For appliances, the classic stainless steel designs both help tie the rest of the kitchen together and are easy to clean and maintain.

Living Room

For your main living area, first make sure that you have lots of light in the right places. Use your smaller accessories such as pillows and candles to mix in bright colours that accent the rest of your color scheme in the room. You can decorate the room with light-colored contemporary furniture such as chairs, couches, tables, lamps, and so on. For a main color scheme, something that is light to suit the Florida sunny style is always a good idea, and the current trend is a monochromatic schemes